After a grueling but very successful publicity campaign for Skype in early 2010, Pulse Films came back to us with this interesting campaign for Reebok featuring Lewis Hamilton and Thierry Henry. Based on an online Alternate Reality Game experience featuring Lewis Hamilton as himself, the setting has him leading a double life outside of his racing career: in order to keep his training interesting and to get his adrenaline fix, Lexis is tasked by the secret arms of various government agencies to recover stolen works of art from high profile criminals.

Icon International crewed the Barcelona episode, also providing the DoP.

“I just wanted to thank you for your exceptional help last week, I am aware that we gave you such a tiny amount of time to prep for such a difficult shoot and you guys handled it amazingly. The film was delivered this morning and as far as Reebok are concerned, they got what they wanted and they are very pleased. I thought the crew you put together was fantastic and I really appreciate how much you all rolled up the sleeves for us.”

Ollie Allgrove, Producer at Pulse Films for the viral Reebok film featuring Lewis Hamilton and Thierry Henry.