Icon International worked on a month-long viral campaign for Skype during February/March of 2010, producing, directing and shooting an average of 5 videos per day, 6 days a week using local acting talents for UK production company Pulse Films and POKE Agency. The brief was to create a global interactive web project that would illustrate that Skype Mobile enables users to make Skype calls on the move from anywhere in the world.

POKE and Pulse Films Director Ben Woolf partnered to develop Skype Outside. A live web experience in which users are invited to use Skype to send a personal message to one of five artists located in Australia, Tokyo, Turkey, Barcelona and Minneapolis. The artists pick up the message on Skype Mobile and then interpret the message as outdoor art using methods related to their territory. Icon was responsible for all content for Barcelona, while videos were edited and uploaded daily to youtube and the skype outside web page. We completed more than 106 mini films in what was a very successful campaign.