• Preview image for the video "Broken Health".

    Broken Health Documentary

    Icon is proud to announce the release of our full length feature documentary Broken Health. 

    This, our first feature length documentary produced entirely by Icon International has been picked up by a major streaming platform and is available with subtitles in over 18 languages.

    Directed by Eva Niñerola and Nick Bolger, the documentary shows exclusive footage behind the scenes as the Catalan Health Minister is faced with the worst health crisis in recent history, shot during the initial COVID pandemic in Barcelona and Catalunya.

  • BEYOND THE PANELS with Jorge Jimenez

    DC Comics and Warner came to Icon to help produce this wonderful short documentary as part of a series on the best artists of DC Comics. We spent 3 days with the youngest and brightest star in the DC Comic stable, Jorge Jimenez, in his home town, the beautiful and historic city of Granada.

    Jorge’s talent is unlimited, and he is one of the nicest people you will meet. A truly wonderful shoot. With the amazing director Ryan Palmieri. 

  • Preview image for the video "Documentary Age of AI by Robert Downey".

    Documentary Age of AI by Robert Downey Jr.

    We spent two weeks with the Network Entertainment team filming in breath-taking spots as a racing circuit, greenhouse or charming hidden locations.

  • Preview image for the video "Meades, Franco Building, Mass Tourism, 2019".

    Spanish Architecture. An overview by Jonathan Meades

    This time Icon provided all Spain local production, pre-production and permit arrangement in Benidorm, Galicia and Madrid for the BBC.

  • Sound Techniques documentary web page launched!!

    It’s official. We have launched the website of our documentary in production,

    The Parts You Don’t Hear. The Untold Story of Sound Techniques.

    We already have some amazing exclusive interviews in the can, and the story is growing bigger by the day.

    The documentary delves into some of the greatest music ever made, and the unlikely pair behind it. This is going to be big!


  • Sound Techniques

    Work has begun on production of a documentary on the famed London recording studio and recording equipment Sound Techniques.