The highly successful Real Housewives franchise came to Europe and asked Icon to provide production support for their shoot on the island of Madeira, Portugal.

    Offering a full production service, Icon provided the show with wonderful locations, great local crew and equipment to ensure the shoot was a great success.

  • Skate le monde

    Skate Le Monde is a French Canadian television series for TV5 Quebec looking at the origins of skateboarding in different countries around the world. For the Spanish episode, the good people at Quiet Motion came to us for help filming in Madrid and skate mecca Barcelona. Presented by the hilarious comic and skater Mathieu Cyr, directed by the prodigious Jean-Pascal Morneau, and shot by the very cool and wonderful Mathieu Couture. Great times were had, and a beautiful episode was shot.

  • ITN NEWS - The Heat Wave in Catalonia

    One more time Icon and ITV worked together in covering remarkable news in Spain for the British Television.

  • Preview image for the video "Bryan Proposes to Rachel - The Bachelorette".


    For the fourth time, NZK Productions came to Icon to provide production services for this huge production, counting on more than 130 cast and crew. Having previously worked on the Bachelorette franchise in different regions of Spain, we worked on season 13 of The Bachelor in 2018 providing all local crew and locations in the Algarve, Portugal and Mallorca, Spain.

    See one of the final scenes of the program in Portugal here!

  • Preview image for the video "Meades, Franco Building, Mass Tourism, 2019".

    Spanish Architecture. An overview by Jonathan Meades

    This time Icon provided all Spain local production, pre-production and permit arrangement in Benidorm, Galicia and Madrid for the BBC.

  • On assigment Venezuela-Spanien

    This time in Madrid for a programme about Venezuelans in Spain, Icon provided for ITN all pre-production, location, permits and production needed for filming during one week in Madrid.

  • Champions du Monde

    TV5 from Quebec, Canada worked with Icon to produce this episode of Champions du Monde, a French speaking television documentary series showcasing interesting competitions from around the world. This episode was about Miss Trans World, held in Barcelona.

    To be aired shortly. See website here.

  • Preview image for the video "The Grand Tour".

    The Grand Tour

    Having worked with the original production team of Top Gear back in 2013, Icon was called on once again, this time for the production of The Grand Tour for Amazon Prime. We accompanied the production from the French boarder to Sitges, Barcelona, where things got interesting.