Icon provided full production services to LA-based Masterkey Productions for the production of an episode of Covert Affairs, a cable TV drama series which airs on USA Network:

The series is in its 3rd season, and stars Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham In partnership with Froggie Productions, Icon provided a Production Manager who organised casting sessions and all local cast including speaking actors and extras, locations and location manager, technical crew including sound operators, camera assistants, camera, lighting and sound equipment, 1st AD, continuity, make-up and hair, wardrobe, runners, and full production support.

Shooting over 4 days in Barcelona, Icon also produced a car crash stunt scene in a central street in Barcelona’s old quarter, providing crash vehicles, SFX specialists, stunt coordinators, permits and safety staff. The episode was directed by Stephen Kay. Here is the episode info, aired July 17 2012